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Summary of the 15th Crime Victim Support Week

Crime Victim Support WeekKrakow, Suwalki and Lublin were the cities, in which the greatest number of crime victims reported for advice under the Crime Victim Support Week. The most inquiries were submitted to the lawyers. Many crime victims reported also for psychological aid.

This-year Crime Victim Support Week was held in 23 – 38 February and was carried out for the 15th time.

This Week novelty were the specialist duties carried out in the Crime Victim Support Centers appointed under the ‘Strengthening the position of crime victims and support for witnesses in criminal proceedingsproject and by the entities subsided under the Victim Support and the Post-penitentiary Aid Fund.

In total, there were 32 points coordinating the activities within the individual Voivodeships as well as their branch offices and organizations, which joined the Week. This enabled reaching the victims at the poviat and commune level.

At the initiative of the juridical self-governments – the legal councilors and lawyers have also carried out legal counseling activities in the District Chambers of Legal Advisers and District Bar Associations.

Throughout this-year edition of the Week, free-of-charge advices were granted by the legal councilors, lawyers, notaries, prosecutors, judicial assistants, police officers, bailiffs, psychologists, social workers, probation officers, representatives of the Ombudsman and the Ombudsman for children as well as the trainees.

In total, 2813 persons were advices with 2748 legal information and psychological assistance.

The victims benefited also from the advices provided by many specialists, which made the support more comprehensive.

The greatest number of victims reported to the KraFOS Krakow Social Organization Forum  (272 persons). The advices provided by the “Pryzmat” Social Activity Center in Suwałki (257 persons and in the seat of the AGAPE Catholic Association for the Persons in Need in Lublin (208 persons) were amongst the most popular.

According to information provided by the entities, in which the duties were performed, the victims have most often asked about assistance in penal or family cases as well as in labour law or alimonies. In addition, many persons reported for psychological aid.

The most frequently chosen form of contact with the specialists was the personal visit in the dedicated point.

Popularity – apart from phone contact – of electronic requests (emails) has been continuously increasing.