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Study visits concerning crime victims’ support in Poland and in Norway

Between April-May representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Norwegian Courts Administration will participate in study visits concerning crime victims’ support systems functioning in Poland and Norway. Five persons will take part in each visit, including officials from the Ministry of Justice / Norwegian National Courts Administration, judges, representatives of non-governmental organizations. The first visit will begin on the 1st of April  in Warsaw.

After completion of the visits a report will be prepared  and published on the website of the Programme Operator –

Department of International Cooperation and Human Rights in the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the Norwegian National Courts Administration are responsible for preparing the visits and applying for a grant.

Organization of the visits is connected with the scope of the pre-defined project ” Strengthening the position of crime victims and support for witnesses in criminal proceedings “.

The activity will be financed from the Bilateral Cooperation Fund at the Programme level , constituting a separate allocation of funds in the Operational Programme intended to promote bilateral cooperation with Norway.

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