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Promoting alternative methods of dispute resolution

Predefined Project no 6: “Promoting alternative methods of dispute resolution

Project duration: 1st January, 2012 – 31st December, 2015

Project value: 720 000 EUR

Objective of the project:

The objective of the project is: to develop alternative methods of dispute resolution.

Expected outcomes of the project:

  • gained knowledge about the reasons for low popularity of mediation,
  • disseminated knowledge about alternative methods of dispute resolution, including mediation.

Justification for the project:

Despite a series of actions undertaken in the recent period of time with the object of promoting mediation, the results of the latest public opinion poll and current statistical data demonstrate that mediation is still a rarely used tool. As a consequence, it is desirable to carry out a research on the reasons for the lingering negative situation as well as to continue activities promoting this tool with the contribution coming from NFM 2009-2014. The proposed project will make it possible to complement and continue a series of actions carried out by the MoJ with support from national and EU budget. It is thus desirable to implement the project from the central level by MoJ, so that various activities implemented to promote mediation could form a coherent strategy.

Main activities of the project:

  • implementation of the research project to diagnose the reasons for low popularity of mediation both in society and among judges and prosecutors (through research project will be defined directions and recipients of campaign and trainings;
  • actions aiming at increasing public awareness of alternative methods of dispute resolution as well as suitable training for professionals – judges, prosecutors and mediators. A new website and information campaign will help to raise public awareness of the dispute resolution methods.

Main target group:

Judges, public prosecutors, mediators and whole society, constituting potential participants of judicial proceedings.

Project Promoter:

Department of International Cooperation and Human Rights in partnership with Norwegian Courts Administration.

Project website:

News PROJECT no.6