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Strengthening the position of crime victims and support for witnesses

Predefined Project no 4: “Strengthening the position of crime victims and support for witnesses in criminal proceedings”

Project duration: 1st January, 2012 – 31st December, 2015

Project value: 1 010 000 EUR

Objective of the project:

The objective of the project is: to improve access to justice, including for vulnerable persons (e.g. victims, minors, minorities).

Expected outcomes of the project:

  • disseminated knowledge on how to support crime victims, especially the vulnerable ones;
  • disseminated knowledge among the employees of the customer service points in courts about the rights and obligations of witnesses in criminal proceedings;
  • providing comfortable conditions of hearing for children as victims/witnesses in criminal proceedings.

Justification for the project:

The proposed project covering a complex of activities concerning strengthening crime victims’ rights and supporting witnesses in criminal proceedings will constitute complement and continuation of a series of actions carried out by the MoJ from national and European funds. Crime victims being the target group will benefit from increased support for Crime Victims Support Centres and improved qualifications of judges, public prosecutors, mediators, staff of the above mentioned Centres. Witnesses will benefit from increased qualifications of a personnel of customer service points in courts who will be better prepared to provide assistance. Children as vulnerable group of victims/witnesses will be provided with friendly environment for hearing trough the so called friendly hearing rooms. The project will be largely based on an already-functioning Network of Crime Victims Support Centres, created by the MoJ thanks to the EC grant.

Main activities of the project:

  • financial support for existing Crime Victims Support Centers;
  • information campaign targeted to Crime Victims;
  • training activities (for judges, prosecutors, probation officers, staff of Crime Victims Support Centers);
  • training for the employees of the customer service points in courts (court clerks) and the so called victims guardians (usually employees of the Crime Victims Support Centers) on how to offer legal and actual assistance for witnesses in criminal proceedings;
  • creation of new friendly hearing rooms.

Main target group:

Crime victims.

Project Promoter:

Department of International Cooperation and Human Rights in partnership with Norwegian National Courts Administration.

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