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Archival Information centers for courts – file management system

Predefined Project no 2: “IT-archive centers for common courts – development of a court files management system”

Project duration: 1st January, 2013 – 31st December, 2016

Project value: 3 340 000 EUR

Objective of the project:

The objective of the project is: to improve efficiency of the court systems, including the development of systems for case handling.

Expected outcomes of the project:

  • development of a uniform system of court files management;
  • implementation of a uniform court files management system based on RFID technology.

Justification for the project:

Project will consist in the development of a modern and uniform system of court files management, as a priority covering registry files stored in common courts. The results of analysis concerning the operation of such a system in the District Court of the Capital City of Warsaw clearly demonstrate the benefits of the proposed action. It will help to modernize, automate and –as a consequence – facilitate the operation of courts. Undisturbed access to court files is important for the judicial work, for the effective enforcements of the court’s orders or rulings by the court secretariat as well as for the obligation to provide unrestricted access to registry files for all interested persons, in particular parties or participants in the court proceedings. Moreover the project will constitute an important complementary action for other activities envisaged within this Programme proposal: improving administrative capacity of courts, implementation of modern methods of court management and improving qualifications of managerial staff.

Implementation of the project from the central level will allow to ensure the uniformity of the system, adequate infrastructural support, interconnection between the various courts that will be the users, as well as the consistency of the implemented tools with other IT tools implemented in the MoJ also from the central level.

Main activities of the project:

  • creation of a court files management system in the group of 38 register divisions, located in different district courts across the whole country;
    equipping courts with dedicated IT system and necessary infrastructure answering the needs of particular divisions, namely the facilities able to work in RFID technology (files encoding points,
  • files exchange points, mobile readers, tags etc.);
  • creation of a database on the basis of which the system would function. This will consist in sticking an adequate RFID tag to each folder of files and subsequent encoding of the previously tagged folder through the files encoding point.

Main target group:

Registry divisions functioning in common courts.

Project Promoter:

Department of Computing and Court Registers in partnership with Court of appeal in Wroclaw.

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