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Project no. 1 once again under appraisal

On June 30, 2014 another meeting of the Pre-defined Project Appraisal Team (PPAT) took place. This time the meeting was devoted to the re-appraisal of the project No. 1 “Improving the administrative capacities of courts, including computer systems”.

Project No. 1 was positively evaluated in September 2013, which resulted in the decision on project cofinancing. However, due to significant changes in the IT environment the Project Promoter decided to make major modifications to the project’s scope.

The purchase of equipment planned previously has been replaced with a proposal to implement the authentication and authorization of users system and to develop identity management system in the judiciary.

New scope of the project will allow for a more efficient use of granted amount, in accordance with the latest trends in IT architecture.

The Project Promoter is the Department of Computerisation and Court Registers in the Ministry of Justice.

During the meeting of June 30 the Predefined Project Appraisal Team issued recommendations for the Project Promoter to submit additional explanations and introduce adjustments in the project application. The revised proposal and explanations provided by the Applicant will be evaluated again at the next meeting of PPAT on July 22.