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Postgraduate Studies

As part of the project Modern methods of court management (the implementation), the Department of Courts, Organisation and Judicial Analyses performs the task – postgraduate studies.

By 30 September 2016, positive verification has been performed on 160 sets of documents for refunding postgraduate studies, and funds paid for a total of PLN 578 405.00.

The staff of common courts undertook postgraduate studies in ca. 33 fields i.e. the public institution management, managing an organizational unit of common judiciary, HR management, finance, accounting, audit and managerial control, labour law, public orders, project management, IT management tools.

It should be emphasized that the target group of persons eligible for refunding postgraduate studies has been increased twofold. Increasing access to the offer of refunding postgraduate studies to court employees not performing managerial functions will strengthen the potential of the base, from which future management personnel shall be recruited.  In addition, it contributes to increasing professional qualifications and skills necessary to perform tasks of a given position and related with executing professional duties.

Additional information concerning The Regulations of Participation in Postgraduate Studies, principles of conducting postgraduate studies, necessary documents, practical information can be found at: