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Official launching of the “Promoting alternative dispute resolution” Project

On 23 October of the current year, the Ministry of Justice (Al. Ujazdowskie 11 in Warsaw) held the kick-off conference for the “Promoting alternative dispute resolution” Project (executed under the ‘Judicial capacity-building and cooperation/Improvement of the efficiency of justice’ Operational Programme co-financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014).

The representatives of the Division for Crime Victims and Division for Mediation Promotion in the Ministry of Justice (ICHRD V, Programme Beneficiaries) presented the participants of the Conference (the representatives and practitioners of justice – common court judges, prosecutors, probation officers and police officers;, representatives of the juridical self-governments; legal councilors, lawyers, notaries and bailiffs; and the representatives of mediation environment) with information on the structure and agenda of the project activities (carrying-out of the study – diagnosis on the mediation status in Poland, trainings in mediation for the judges, prosecutors and mediators and media information campaign on mediation).

The Conference, apart from the a/m guests and representatives of the ICHRD V, was attended by: Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to the Republic of Poland – H.E. Karsten Klepsvik, representative of the management of the Ministry of Justice – Undersecretary of State Wojciech Węgrzyn, representative of the Norwegian National Courts Administration (Programme Partner) – Erling Moe, Director for International Cooperation, the Norwegian expert – Judge of the Court of Appeal Wiggo Storhaug Larssen and the representative of the Strategy and Deregulation Department (Programme Operator)  – Director Adam Niedzielski.