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About Programme

MoUOperational Programme „Judicial capacity-building and cooperation/Improvement of the efficiency of justice” will be implemented within the framework of 2009-2014 financial perspective and will be co-financed with the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (NFM), as one of the areas of activity specified in the Memorandum of Understanding signed 10th June, 2011between the Polish and Norway.

Duration of the Programme: 2012-2015

Budget of the Programmme: 16 470 589 EUR in the amount of support NFM is 14 000 000 EUR.

The main objective of the Programme is a fairer and more efficient judicial system.

The expected outcomes of the Programme:

  • Improved efficiency of the court systems, including the development of systems for case handling;
  • Increased competence of actors within the Judiciary,
  • Improved access to justice, including for vulnerable persons (e.g. victims, minors, minorities),
  • Alternative dispute resolutions developed.

The role of the Programme Operator will be performed by Department of Strategy and Deregulation responsible for coordination of projects co-financed with non-returnable foreign funds..

The Programme will be based on 4 thematic modules. The modules consist only of pre-defined projects which will be implemented by particular organizational units of the MoJ, whose area of competence covers tasks connected with specific modules

Module I consists of complementary activities aiming at: increasing application of IT tools in handling court cases and improving current work of court divisions thanks to adequate court files management;

Module II includesmodern methods of court management;

Module III will cover actions having as objective facilitated access to justice, particularly for the so-called vulnerable groups, i.e. victims and minors.

Module IV is to promote alternative dispute resolution methods.

Implementation of the proposed thematic modules will improve functioning of the Polish justice system through facilitating judicial work and improving its quality thanks to introduction of modern IT-tools, implementation of modern court management methods (especially improvement of managerial staff qualifications) and reducing workload of courts as a result of popularized alternative dispute resolutions. It will also improve access to justice for citizens through better accessibility of court files and support for crime victims, especially the vulnerable ones. Actions planned within the Programme will contribute to reducing the time of judicial proceedings, improving reliability of legal turnover, facilitating economic activity, enabling more efficient assertion of one’s rights by crime victims.

The Programme will be implemented in a partnership with the Norwegian Courts Administration

Module I includes 2 predefined projects:
predefined project no. 1 “Improving the administrative capacity of courts including computer systems”;
predefined project no. 2 “Archival Information centers for courts – file management system”.

Module II includes predefined project no. 3 “Modern methods of court management (the implementation)”

Module III includes 2 predefined projects:
predefined project no. 4 “Strengthening the position of crime victims and support for witnesses”;
predefined project no. 5 “School education against legal exclusion”

Module IV includes predefined project no. 6 “Promoting alternative dispute resolution”.