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NFM 2009-2014

Norwegian Financial Mechanism also known as Norway Grants, is a form of foreign aid granted by Norway to Poland and other 14 Member States of the European Union. The main objectives of the Norway Grants are: to contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and strengthening the bilateral relations between the donor and the beneficiary states.

In the second edition of the Norway Grants 2009-2014 Poland will receive 578.1 million EUR. The basis of support is the Memorandum of Understanding between Norway and Poland signed on 10th June, 2011.

NFM funds serve to implement 17 Operational Programmes, covering areas of support defined by Donor States. The individual Programmes are implemented by the so called Programme Operators. They are responsible, among others for preparation of Programme proposals, announcement of call for proposals, selection of projects, projects’ monitoring, as well as promotion of the Programme. The Operator is also responsible for the achievement of the planned outcomes for the Programme and its outputs (products).

The Ministry of Justice is the Programme Operator for the Programme entitled „Judicial capacity-building and cooperation/Improvement of the efficiency of justice”, with the amount of support from NFM equal to 14 million EUR.

The second edition of the Norway Grants puts great emphasis on strengthening bilateral co-operation with the Donor States. Some programmes involve implementation of partnership projects. Programme Operators are required to support partnerships with entities from Donor States. There are special funds available in this respect– Bilateral Fund at the national level and Bilateral Fund at the programme level, which constitutes at least 1.5% of the Operational Programme budget.

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