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Monitoring visit concerning the project “School education against legal exclusion”

On June 4, 2014 the Programme Operator conducted an on-the-spot monitoring visit concerning the project “School education against legal exclusion”. The purpose of the visit was to verify the quality of support and check whether the Project Promoter complies with the information and publicity requirements.

During the visit, representatives of the Operator visited High School no. XXV in Lodz. There they had an opportunity to observe the conducted educational meeting. The simulation trial, organized at the end of the workshop turned out to be particularly interesting. The students could put previously acquired knowledge “into practice”. They also had great fun with this activity.

Representatives of the Operator participating in the visit positively assessed the quality of support provided by the Project Promoter. No irregularities were noticed concerning organization of the workshop and information and publicity requirements. The Project Promoter deserves congratulations!