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Modern methods of court management conference– summary and evaluation

On 27-28.01.2016, a conference was held in Warsaw entitled: Modern methods of court management – summary and evaluation.

The conference was addressed to the representatives of the judiciary, specifically the management staff of common courts: presidents and vice presidents of courts of appeal, district and regional courts, judges serving in functional positions in courts, department heads and deputies, directors, deputy directors and financial managers, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the National School of Judiciary and Public Persecution, and persons representing scientific circles involved in conducting research and practice in the scope of managing an organisation and public finance sector units.

The purpose of the conference was to summarize the 1st and 2nd editions of problem-related workshops. Additionally, during the conference, participants could familiarize themselves with matters of internal communication in the organisation, communication with the external client via the media, project management. Possibilities were presented for developing competencies in judiciary units, as a source of motivation, possibilities for development were presented for judiciary employees, as well as a process of valuation of positions. The conference was also an opportunity for exchanging experiences and an opportunity to obtain answers to questions of the meeting participants.

During the conferences materials have been provided, promoting the project.