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Meeting with representatives of the Sub-Carpathian Centre for Legal Education

shaking_handsOn August 13, 2014 at the headquarters of the Department of International Relations and Human Rights the meeting with a representative of the Sub-Carpathian Centre for Legal Education Mr. David Szczepankiewicz was held. During the meeting issues related to the spread legal education in schools and the beginning of cooperation between the Podkarpackie Center for Legal Education and the Ministry of Justice were discussed.  Furthermore, was presented the concept of workshops  implemented under the project “School education against legal exclusion” as well as educational projects implemented by the Sub-Carpathian Centre for Legal Education. Both parties indicated the essence of their institutions of which is to spread legal awarness in the society.

Thanks to a meeting was established informal cooperation for the duration of the project, through which both parties will be able to effectively execute assumptions about the spread of legal education  in schools.