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Meeting of the Appraisal Team

On March 28th the Predefined Project Appraisal Team (PPAT) will hold the first meeting devoted to the evaluation of the project no. 3 “Modern methods of court management (the implementation)”. This is the last of the six pre-defined projects that is awaiting approval.

Possible results of the appraisal are the following:

  1. Positive appraisal – after approval of the appraisal results by the Minister of Justice the project can be launched;
  2. Negative appraisal – the Project Promoter has to modify the application and the project is once again subject to PPAT’s evaluation;
  3. Conditional positive appraisal – the project is approved provided that the Project Promoter modifies the application in accordance with PPAT’s recommendations. The Minister of Justice approves the appraisal results thus accepting the modified project.