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Lifelong Learning Programmes for Court Employees on the ZSRK Training Platform

As part of the project Modern methods of court management (the implementation) at the order of the Department of Courts, Organisation and Judicial Analyses in the Ministry of Justice the following has been prepared:

1. Lifelong learning programme for the management staff of common courts,
2. Lifelong learning programme for employees of common courts (except for management staff).

The lifelong learning programme determines how to effectively develop professional competencies, in order to properly implement the objectives on individual positions.
The document details the term of lifelong learning and its position within the development of an organisation, which are common courts.
During the creation of the lifelong learning programme analysis was also performed of the specificity of common courts and the scope of tasks executed in individual positions. The prepared competency profiles have been created on the basis of a test ordered by the Ministry of Justice and are a basis for the prepared programmes of lifelong learning.
In order to facilitate conscious and effective development planning a recommended diagnostic and competency development tool has been presented, good practices have been described, applied in the scope of competency development in selected common courts and a catalogue prepared, of forms and educational methods that may be used for common court employee development, in order to achieve the expected level of competency in a given position.
The presented programme may constitute a supplementary material for planning trainings and undertaking other activities for development.

Programmes of lifelong learning have been made available on the ZSRK training platform:

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the prepared programmes and raise your competences.