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E-learning Trainings for Court Employees on the ZSRK Training Platform


As part of the project Modern methods of court management (the implementation) at the order of the Department of Courts, Organisation and Judicial Analyses in the Ministry of Justice, on the basis of conducted stationary trainings, e-learning trainings have been prepared for the management staff of courts and other employees of common courts in the area of personnel, finance and IT tools.

E-learning Training Topics – Norwegian Financial Mechanism

  1. Managerial      competences of the heads of organizational units
  2. Managerial      competences of department heads
  3. Managerial      competences of newly appointed presidents
  4. Managerial      training of court directors
  5. Building      competences in the scope of personnel policy
  6. Competences      in the scope of petitioner service
  7. Advanced      work with MS Word 2007 and basic work with MS Excel 2007
  8. Use      and implementation of managerial control in court units
  9. Improving      managerial competences
  10. Effective      work time management and work organisation
  11. Building      decision-making skills
  12. Team      building and effectiveness of HR management
  13. Motivating      in an organisation
  14. Communication      in an organisation
  15. ZSRK      HR
  16. Reporting      and financial accounting
  17. Principles      of the public financial economy and liability for breaching public finance      discipline
  18. Managerial      control and risk management in the public sector
  19. Task      budget as an instrument of public finance management
  20. ZSRK      and SAP – training for chief accountants

Trainings have been made available on the ZSRK training platform: