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Bilateral cooperation

An important aspect of current financial perspective of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism is bilateral cooperation with the Donor States.

In order to promote and facilitate the development of this cooperation, both at the level of the Operational Programmes as well as within individual projects, the Donors envisaged two types of funds :

  1. Bilateral Cooperation Fund at the national level - forms 0.5 % of the total allocation of Norwegian funds to the Beneficiary-State and aims to strengthen the bilateral relations between the Donor and Beneficiary-State. The fund is managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development as the National Focal Point.
  2. Bilateral Cooperation Fund at the programme level - forms minimally 1.5 % of the total budget of each operational programme and aims to facilitate:
  • the search for partners for donor partnership projects prior to or during the preparation of a project application, the development of such partnerships and the preparation of an application for a donor partnership project;
  • networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practice between Project Promoters and entities in the Donor States.

Within the Operational Programme of the Ministry of Justice the total budget of the Fund equals 256 789 Euro. The majority of this amount is devoted to facilitating the networking and exchange of knowledge. Only Project Promoters of pre-defined projects may apply for a grant from the Bilateral Cooperation Fund at the programme level.
Within both Biltateral Cooperation Funds it is possible to finance inter alia, study visits , conferences , meetings, external consultancy fees.

Another important element of promoting long-term cooperation with Norway is establishing partnerships at the level of operational programmes and projects.

The Operational Programme of the Ministry of Justice is implemented in partnership with the Norwegian Courts Administration. Additionally , this Norwegian institution is also a partner in three predefined projects.

Norwegian Courts Administration is the central administration for 112 Norwegian Courts. To ensure greater independence from the executive and legislative powers, the administration of the courts was transferred from the Ministry of Justice to the NCA on November 1, 2002. Stortinget (the Parliament) sets objectives and draws up general guidelines and expectations of the courts’ and the NCA’s work as well as decides the annual budget.

The NCA acts as a support and service agency for the courts and plays an important part in developing strategic plans that enable the courts to meet the challenges presented before them.  NCA odpowiada za wsparcie i obsługę sądów, w sposób zapewniający ich racjonalne i efektywne ekonomicznie funkcjonowanie, jak również pełni ważne zadania związane z planowaniem strategicznym w zakresie rozwoju sądownictwa.

The NCA and the Ministry of Justice hold regular contact meetings on matters related to allocation of resources and amendments of the rules governing the courts. The Ministry of Justice has main responsibility for legal consultation papers and legislation but is not in a position to instruct the NCA with respect to specific administrative matters.

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