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Agrotec Polska Sp. z o.o. the contractor for the “Diagnosis of mediation application status” study

On 19 December of the current year, the Ministry of Justice signed the contract, in which it assigned the delivery of the “Diagnosis of the mediation application status and the reasons behind insufficient popularity of mediation comparing to the expectations” study to Agrotec Polska Sp. z o.o.

The objectives of the study:

  1. Identification of training needs for mediation among the judges, prosecutors and mediators,
  2. Identification of applicable forms and selection of target group of the social information campaign on mediation,
  3. Diagnosing the mediation application status and the reasons behind insufficient popularity of mediation among the practitioners of justice and among the society (along with recommendations for activities, which will result in the increased number of cases referred to mediation).

Part of the study results will act as the baseline for trainings and social information campaign.

The Contractor shall perform the study using different research techniques, including in particular: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI), Computer-Assisted Web Interview (CAWI), individual In-Depth Interviews (IDI), Focus Group Interviews (FGI) and group workshops.

The study respondents will include judges, prosecutors, mediators, police officers, bailiffs, lawyers and legal councilors, NGO and social aid personnel as well as the entrepreneurs and general public.

The completion of the study is scheduled for August 2015.

In the course of delivery of the said study, the members of the Study Team of Agrotec Polska Sp. z o.o. company will follow the principle of confidentiality of information obtained in the course of the study and all data will be collected for the purposes of the said study, exclusively.

Contact person competent for the study is Mrs. Agnieszka Rudolf (Agrotec Polska Sp. z o.o., phone: 604 29 46 46, e-mail:

The Agrotec Polska Sp. z o.o. Study Team members responsible for the study include: Agnieszka Rudolf (Study Team Manager), Marta Cichowicz Major, Michał Marciniak, Cezary Przybył, Sebastian Pałka, Paweł Pijanowski, Magda Matysiak, Wojciech Pieniążek and Róża Chybowska-Philippe.

Auxiliary personnel consists in: Anna Kornatka-Malinowska, Agnieszka Jońca, Klaudyna Kwiatkowska, Małgorzata Tula, Paweł Pijanowski and Paweł Huras.