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Project objective

The Applicant shall organize and carry out one-day training in 150 lower secondary schools (2 classes) and in 150 upper secondary schools (4 classes) throughout Poland. The workshop target group is 30 students below 18 years of age from each among 300 schools – in total 9 000 students. In addition, the Applicant plans preparation of the unique legal guide of educational and pedagogical nature for +12 youth and children. The guide will be distributed with 2 CDs with audiovisual materials and exercises, which will ensure its attractiveness and better cognitive effectiveness comparing to the conventional guides. It will be available for download in e-format on the Applicant’s website (so as the educational materials used in the course of workshops) and distributed to schools throughout Poland, interested entities e.g. to the crime victim support centers, courts and prosecutor’s offices. The workshops will be carried out by external coaches with certified coach experience and legal education and based on author’s and innovative education programme consulted with a psychologist / educator.

The aim of the workshops is providing the students with practical knowledge on the organization and operation of justice and rights and obligations of witnesses/victims. Thematic scope of workshops exceeds the mandatory programme basis, and the workshops themselves will be performed with the use of innovative and activating training methods uncommon for standard classes e.g. playing scenes, quizzes, games, etc. Simulation of e.g. litigation is planned, in the course of which the students, based on case study, will play different procedural roles.

Each participant will be provided with educational materials package in paper form and supplementary e-materials. The NGOs will advice the Applicant in the scope of selection of the educational programme and materials and participate in workshop evaluation.
The added value of the Project is presenting the teachers with new and more entertaining teaching methods on the organization and operation of justice, opportunity of using the educational programme and materials by the schools in the subsequent years and forming in the target group – students of appropriate and civic attitudes towards law and judicial institutions.

The above should translate into decreased crime level in this social group in long-time perspective.

The estimated project delivery period is 24 months. Scheduled commencement of the first substantive activities generating the indicators, output and outcomes is 4Q 2013.

Official informational and promotional Project website will be launched and operate in the course of the Project execution. In addition, the Applicant will publish in nation-wide press the sponsored articles and announcements. 3 promotional events are to be organized.

Surveying activities and statistical summaries will be performed throughout the Project execution, based on which the Applicant will prepare a separate workshop summary report.