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Meeting with Project Promoters 6-7 June 2013

Between 6 and 7 June 2013 the Programme Operator held a meeting with Promoters of the pre-defined projects implemented within the Programme “Judicial capacity building and cooperation/ Improvement of the efficiency of justice”. The meeting was attended by representatives of Project Promoters, Programme Operator, National Focal Point and Bureau of Staff and Logistics of the Ministry of Justice. During the first day the Operator provided participants with information about the procedure of projects appraisal, approval and rules of their implementation. The other part of the first day was devoted to the presentation of issues connected with information and promotion within the Programme and projects as well as the possibility of implementing activities within Bilateral Cooperation Fund at Programme level. The main subject of the second day was the eligibility of expenditures within pre-defined projects. Additionally, representatives of the Programme Operator described in detail how project applications should be prepared. The discussion focused on those issues that pose the biggest problems for the Project Promoters.