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Meeting of the Cooperation Committee on 27-28 February

On 27-28 February in Norway ( Trondheim ) another meeting of the Cooperation Committee for the Programme was held. The meeting was attended by the Members of the Committee – representatives of the Programme Operator, i.e. the Polish Ministry of Justice and the Programme Partner – Norwegian National Courts Administration.

In accordance with the Regulation on the implementation of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for the period 2009-2014 Cooperation Committee is appointed for operational programmes implemented in partnership with a Norwegian institution. Its main task is to advise on the preparation and implementation of the programme. In particular, the Committee should provide advice concerning selection of projects, support in the search for project partners in Norway and carry out periodical reviews of the programme as well as advise on the changes that might improve the achievement of planned outcomes and objectives of the programme.

During the meeting organized in February, the Members of the Committee discussed, inter alia, the progress in the implementation of the Programme in 2013, the necessary modifications to the predefined projects and new areas of bilateral cooperation. How to improve cooperation between both Partners in the management of the Programme was another issue raised.