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Consultation meeting on the research methodology

Development of methodology and scope of the study is the first stage of the project ” Promoting alternative methods of dispute resolution”. The project (which should result in an increased number of cases referred to mediation) seeks to increase the effectiveness and strengthen the Polish justice system.
In order to plan and implement actions increasing the popularity of mediation as an alternative to the traditional litigation, it is necessary to possess updated and structured knowledge about the causes of its lack of popularity. Therefore, at the initial stage of the project, it is planned to conduct the study entitled “The diagnosis of the use of mediation and the reasons for its lower than expected popularity, both among the citizens and professionals having contact with the mediation (judges and prosecutors, police officers, probation officers, social welfare centers employees, NGO workers, mediators) as well as an indication of the direction and addressees of measures whose implementation will increase the popularity of mediation”.
The result of this study will be quantitative and qualitative diagnosis of the use of mediation as well as knowledge about the reasons for the lack of popularity of this method of dispute resolution. Based on the results of the study actions will be recommended to increase the use of mediation as an alternative to traditional litigation in resolving disputes and conflicts.

On April 10 at the HQs of the Ministry of Justice in Warsaw the consultation meeting was held, concerning the methodology of the proposed research. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Justice, scientists studying the issue of mediation (researchers at the Warsaw University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Polish Academy of Sciences as well as experts of the Institute of Law and Society – INPRIS), representatives of the judiciary (judges dealing with civil and penal cases) and mediators.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the general concept of research and learn the opinions of experts (theorists and practitioners of mediation) on the methods, techniques and tools that will be used in the planned study.